From Truman G. Madsen:

It is said that prayer is a crutch. After all, mature people are supposed to stand on their own two feet; they don’t have to pray. Prayer is a form of wishful thinking, a kind of wanting pie in the sky. Well, as to that, there is nothing wrong with crutches for people who need them. There is nothing wrong with escalators and elevators. But speaking of crutches, agnosticism is a kind of crutch. It is a perennial postponement of decision, and it assumes that postponement is safer than commitment. Atheism is a pair of iron braces. It claims to know more than can be known. Someone has said that atheists don’t find God for the same reason that bank robbers don’t find policemen. They work very hard to avoid Him. But throughout the Doctrine and Covenants is the admonition, “Seek and ye shall find.” The implication is, don’t seek and you likely won’t find. ~Truman G. Madsen, A Year of Powerful Prayer (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2013) p.24

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