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My grand-daughter, Kyla (age 14), gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting about sharing the gospel with your friends.  Here’s her notes:

Topic: How to talk to your friends about the gospel

  • First of all why is it hard to share the gospel with our friends in the first place?
  • Because everyone is already a member? (They live in Orem, Utah)
  • You’re too shy?
  • You don’t feel like you know enough about the gospel to actually share it
  •  You don’t WANT to
  • Don’t want to seem pushy
  • Don’t want to be thought of as preachy or judgmental
  • Too busy
  • Tried but failed
  • embarrassed


But why SHOULD we?

Because we love our friends! And we want them to have the same happiness and truth that we receive from the gospel! To keep that knowledge from them would be selfish.

And that’s the secret. If we love our friends and have a firm testimony of this gospel you will WANT to share the gospel with them. And if they don’t want it? You’ll still have that solid friendship that will last.

And even then we can still share the gospel with them! Because if you know how to be a friend you know how to share the gospel.

Being an example by being a good friend or being helpful and serving others is a way of sharing the gospel without there being actual gospel topics in you conversation. So those simple things matter. “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” Alma said in chapter 37:6

My brother Kent is a good example of that. He’s curious about other people. And listens to them and gets to know them better. One day we went to my Aunt’s baby blessing. There were lots of people who weren’t members of the church anymore. Kent, being social as he is, went out of his way to talk to everyone there. 

Another example of a small thing that can make a difference is my Grandma Anderson.  She was invited to go to my birthday dinner just a few weeks ago.  She told us she couldn’t because she was hosting a neighborhood welcome party for the new non-member family that moved in on her street. They felt so welcome at the party that they agreed to let their children participate in YW activities and Scouts. This was just a small thing that took a couple hours of planning that made a big difference in how the family feels in her neighborhood.

A small and simple thing that my Grandpa Marble does is sending inspirational quotes through texts messages to help a non-member friend’s son who was having a REALLY hard time with being violent. After a while he started to send them to not just him but his family, friends, co- workers and posting them on social media pages. Now the son has softened and Grampa’s boss at work enjoys the texts too.

Another example is my brother Richard he is in the HOPE squad at school this group of people helps students who need someone to talk to. His simple example of making good choices helps people when they are having a hard time.

Most of the time we don’t know what happens from the small and simple things that we do and how they affects the people we serve. But we continue to try and do our best to be kind to others and that’s what matters.

I’m grateful for this church and the blessings that come with it. I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends that accept this gospel and live it with me. I’m glad we have the opportunity to share the gospel and watch it change people’s lives.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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