To: I, J, W, December 27, 2020

I have always been puzzled at how those of one faith think they can teach about another faith by giving biased information. If I want to know the truth of any faith I ask someone who knows first hand. For example, my brother follows Buddhism. He and I have talked on occasion about my/his beliefs to understand more and I respect those beliefs and he mine. Any sincere thinking person would follow such a pattern. That way they can be assured that the information is open, unbiased and most important, true. Certainly if truth were the main objective; then to consult dark, biased words of those who oppose any single faith is really self-serving at the very least.  

Individuals from my workplace claim expertise assuming to ‘speak with authority’ about faith. They teach exclusively from ‘anti’ sources. I know this to be true. . . before joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I read thoroughly from sources that produce and distribute such errors. With the very first paragraph, the lies follow a predictable pattern of poisonous conjecture that produces a dark mood of misrepresentation. They bring up the same old, tired lies (many decades old) and push it on the impressionable and uninformed. 

All such falsities are designed by the perpetrators to excite the mind against reason and truth. Quotations from our church sources are altered/sensationalized. By leaving out or changing important words, phrases, paragraphs, by altering context, they push that which would lead anyone to believe those attending such a church and embracing a non-mainline faith, are completely deceived. (That in itself is enough to ‘turn off’ right thinking folks.) If what their anti-mormon literature says were really true, I confess I would drop the church in a heartbeat. But from the inside point of view and from personal study of the false conjectures, I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at age 18. I believe that those who spread lies, love Satan’s lies more than truth and will always readily embrace them (because they are convenient!—everyone resists change.) Therefore they cannot not be trusted to represent ANY faith. . . fairly.

The god I worship is THE God of truth and cannot lie, so it follows that He would not approve of those who lie in His behalf. 

Lest, from the above, your interest be piqued in anti-mormon literature, our Prophets and leaders have said you gain and grow much more through the truths of the gospel as taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, than by studying the lies of the adversary as taught in anti-mormon literature and the like. Do yourself a favor. Embrace truths that lift and build faith, not errors and evil that destroy it. kdm

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