From March 2016 (updated)… A personal post that may be useful: “Since the late 1980’s, when we lived in Stettler Alberta Canada, I have become increasingly aware of my body, and what the Spirit tells me, especially when ailing. It started when a friend from church, Carol Nilsson, encouraged alternative approaches in treating body ailments. Ten years after Stettler, I continued to filter health information from the status quo, a multitude of voices shouting alarm through constant blitz advertising. At the time we were getting a Canadian weekly news magazine called ‘MacLeans’. The blood cholesterol concerns had ramped up and this magazine printed a short insightful piece. Today’s post is long so you can read that article at the end as you wish.

I have continued to feel justified in a more careful approach not to take anything into my body unnecessarily, especially when media and those making ridiculous amounts of money are shouting at me to follow their ‘pied piper’. I feel totally fine and there are no incidents of heart disease in my family history. That principle takes precedence in my life and Becky’s.

Within family, there have been incidents of mental illness, that included my deceased mother and other relatives. The latter sought and found solutions, mostly from online sources assisted at times by doctors, for treatment. Thus, about three years ago, while studying alternative approaches for my own struggles, I read from a book ‘Stop Alzheimer’s Now’ by Doctor Bruce Fife, N.D.. I do not have Alzheimer’s, but issues instead resulting from an accident in early childhood. When I told my family doctor what I was reading, he flatly said “you cannot stop Alzheimer’s”. Caught early enough and using Doctor Fife’s methods, I believe you can; or at least the sufferer can enjoy many more years of a very productive life. I tried using it. Since there were no ‘tangible’ results regarding my concerns I stopped. Recently another reason had me resume…

About a month ago, (4.5 years before this post) I was having excruciatingly intense pain within my cranium, just inside and around my brain perimeter. That’s how it felt, and I was alarmed!  My first thought… ‘What is my body telling me?’ What can I do alternatively to treat this (…to not see a doctor)? Thus I remembered the above mentioned book and took a double dose of what had been suggested for ailing brain health, coconut oil. The results were immediate (actually it was within minutes) with complete relief. No further incidents. . .  until the coconut oil jar was in the cupboard out of sight, and I forgot / neglected the doses over several days. The pain returned with vengeance, with the same healing results when I resumed the doses. Now the coconut oil jar stays on the kitchen counter where I can see it!

Another simple example among many of ‘listening to my body’: Months ago my scalp and forehead were ‘flaking’. I tried a number of different recommended dandruff shampoos.  None worked for me. Over a week or so the Spirit taught me to stop the conditioner, shampoo hair (and soap my  face) fewer times per week and have soap stay in contact with the skin/scalp for less than 10 seconds.  It works, no hunting for solutions, no endless itching, no visits to the dermatologist.

Understand, we visit the doctor as needed including checkups, but save a bundle in time, hassle, and money when there is a solution at our fingertips. Regarding alternatives, I think it through, use the internet, follow the Spirit and remember the internet is ‘drenched’ with alternative health scams. There are people I consult within a reputable health food and supplements store. They cannot (and do not) diagnose but can often point me in the right direction to do my own research. Over the years, both Becky and I have found a number of workable reasonably priced solutions to what ails us. kdm

Cholesterol Doubts – The link between high blood cholesterol levels and heart disease does not justify widespread publicly funded cholesterol testing, according to University of British Columbia researchers. A review of scores of international studies show that 85 percent of otherwise healthy people with high cholesterol levels will not develop heart disease, says Dr. Isabelle Savoie of the B.C. Office of Health Technology Assessment, which analyzes data for the B.C. Medical Association and the provincial health ministry.  Many of those patients may be receiving medication unnecessarily. Conversely, she says, of those who do develop coronary heart disease, only 48 per cent test high for blood cholesterol. “We are spending a lot on cholesterol testing,” says Savoie, “but we don’t know what we are doing.”…on page 58 of the March 16, 1998 issue of ‘MacLeans’ weekly magazine. (emphasis added)

If you are considering using statin drugs that control blood cholesterol levels, you might go online and read of their side effects (many in the category of ‘the solution is worse than the ailment’). My wife immediately stopped using them when she went online for a research paper for a class. While you’re at it, take a look at why the European community has not jumped on the North American ‘bandwagon’ regarding this.” k

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