From the Book 50 Things that Really Matter. . . .

Nicole Seymour writes: My childhood memories seem so near the surface that I feel a special connection with children. Whether it be my nieces and nephew or other little people I encounter, I like to get down and play with them, step into their world. I find that reminding myself of a childlike perspective is refreshing. Although adult perspective is essential for being responsible and productive, getting down with children lends us special glimpses at life. And often, those glimpses are beyond words.

Recently, while in Mexico, I was able to step into the world of some Mexican children with whom I could hardly speak. Photo-happy as usual, I had my camera out as we visited a village one beautiful evening just before sunset. I took pictures as we handed out candy to the local children, trying to make”amigos” with our humorously broken Spanish. The picture taking quickly evolved into a game of peek-a-boo as the kids hid around the back of the building. I would pretend to try to get a picture of them while they would giggle and pretend they were terrified of the camera. My friends and I chased after them playfully—the girl pushing her younger brother in a stroller, the other boys and girls of all ages and sizes on bike or foot. We played games, bonded, and laughed. We even took pictures together. They soon willingly posed and loved to see themselves on the screen of my digital camera.

We soon said our goodbyes. I continued to wave to the children as we walked away until we rounded the corner out of sight. Just after we reached our van, the children came streaming around the corner, lining up in front of a bright, colorful of their patron saint. Seizing our last moments together, they posed for another picture and ran to see their picture on the screen of my camera once more. I felt deep joy as I waved to my new friends through the van’s window.

The moment will forever remain with me as an example of way children can capture life’s sweetness in a childlike language of friendship, free from words. Their innocence, friendship, and playfulness show that life is sweeter than we sometimes think.~By Nicole Seymour, 50 Things that really matter to Latter-day Saints (Leatherwood Press LLC, For details write or telephone Deseret Book Distributors, 40 East South Temple Salt Lake City, Utah 84111, (801-534-1515) p.109

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